TERA Console changes up producers, delays crossplay patch


Big changes are in the works for TERA Console, requiring fans to exhibit some degree of flexibility this month. Change number one involves passing the torch from one game producer to another, as Tamura Koji announced that he is leaving the project next month to be replaced by Huh Joong-hee.

“[TERA Console] was a project that burned me for three years and I think it was a project that completed me,” Koji said. “It was a project that I learned a lot from communicating with many TERA fans around the world and gave me a lot of chances, and it was a project that hit my life with passion.”

Another change involves the timing of the highly anticipated crossplay patch. While it was originally set to go out this week, the team said that it had to push it back to November 24th due to “unforeseen circumstances.” The upshot of this move is that all players are going to get 500 TERA coins as compensation.

TERA’s situation has been in flux this year following the closure of En Masse Entertainment. The console version of the MMORPG has been taken over by En Masse parent corporation Krafton, while the PC edition is being outsourced to Gameforge.


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