Here’s everything we know about the TERA PC, TERA Console, and Closers transfers


The handover of TERA and Closers from En Masse to its parent company Krafton and Naddic, respectively, has been… well let’s be honest, it’s been a confusing mess. The company is clearing trying to rectify that with some of its announcements this week, with some but not complete success.

Let’s start with TERA Console. On October 15th, Krafton will be taking up this version of TERA in North America, Europe, and Japan, meaning console players have just two more days to make their EMP balance transfers. At that point, Krafton will be handing out a full month of gold status time for everyone who plays during the first month of service. There’s also a Halloween event planned:

“To celebrate the season, KRAFTON prepared Halloween and Autumn Festival events. The Halloween event includes ‘Gourdo’s Trick or Treat’. Once players get rid of Gourdo that appears in the village, they will be rewarded with Gourdo’s Gourd and other items. The Autumn Festival event consists of the Rootstock Festival, Pond Faire Festival and doubled drop rates for several dungeons. Players can get various gifts once they complete the guide quest and daily quests.”

As for Closers, we’ve previously reported that its original developer, Naddic, will be taking back over its publishing. Players have until October 27th to transfer their EMP to make it in time for the Naddic launch; if you miss that window, you have until December 21st to transfer it, at which point it’ll be accessible to you on December 22nd.

Finally, TERA PC: Here’s where the confusion sets back in. Krafton still hasn’t announced which company is taking back over TERA from En Masse, which Krafton owns; we’re assuming it’s Bluehole, which Krafton also owns, since it’s said Bluehole will be handling its MMOs, including TERA. But the official En Masse handover site still doesn’t have complete information on the new publisher and account transfer process, almost two months after announcing it would be closed down; there are big red “coming soon” labels all over the page. The website does, however, make clear that En Masse’s servers will go offline this month, but the currency will transfer on November 10th, which certainly seems to suggest that date for the relaunch, at least in context with the other games.

“EMP balance transfers will begin following the service transfer on November 10. To make sure your EMP balance transfers, you must accept the terms for account transfer within the game client. The time frame to accept account transfer terms and make sure your EMP balance transfers is October 22 to December 21.”

We’ll update as soon as they do!

Source: En Masse, PC info, press release
Update October 15
We now know Gameforge will be taking over the PC version of the game in NA. More info here.

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Thanks. Keep us posted on the PC news as I’d hate to lose my character. I don’t play atm (and haven’t for awhile) but I don’t want to lose anything.

Kickstarter Donor

This is honestly more annoying to me than it should be, but as someone who really enjoys going back to TERA from time to time, I would really hate to lose my Founder status. Appreciate the update very much!