World of Warcraft makes good on its new multiboxing policy, confirms delay of endgame grinds until post-launch


Earlier in the month, we reported on a shift in World of Warcraft’s multiboxing policy that was going to leverage action against those who use input broadcasting software to mirror keystrokes to multiple game clients. Just in case anyone reading that assumed it was just a vapid threat, consider this Reddit post a warning.

Redditor LetMeSpoilThisForU shared the image of an account page with eight different clients showing their status as “Banned.” According to a reply by the OP in the thread, the picture was shared in an EU Discord of a reportedly “well known 20+ char multiboxer,” and while the image only shows eight banned accounts, the player reportedly says that all 20 accounts have been hit.

“If you also got people like this on your server, keep reporting,” writes the Redditor. “Blizzard is actually doing something against them now.”

In other WoW news, game director Ion Hazzikostas has confirmed on Twitter that Mythic dungeons, Torghast, and the first weekly Renown quest to gather 1000 Anima will be made available with the first reset shortly after launch. So for those who are looking to charge pell-mell to the endgame of Shadowlands, you’re basically being forced to take your time. At least for a few days, anyway.

sources: Reddit and Twitter via Wowhead (1, 2)

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Meh. I’d care about multiboxing in a game where it would even slightly mattered but to be honest it never bothered me in WoW. Crafting and “economy” was always pretty worthless in this game so bots farming materials was never an issue for me and when I did questing all the stuff was spawning fast enough so I was never bothered by people using bot herds for leveling accounts. Plus it solves a major issue of being forced (which is absolutely, unquestionably bad thing) to depend on grouping to do certain instanced PvE content, so this is actually a positive thing for people who would rather use bots than depend on live players to go through it as a group, and not only for WoW, especially if the developers did not provide an option to complete content solo ;-) And open world PvP was always an afterthought in this game so multiboxing also did not have any impact on it in this particular game (not in the way I could notice). It’s a different thing when it comes to other games, of course, but they are not being discussed now ;-)


Maybe they are watching how Everquest has turned into a shitshow.
Nothing wrong with boxing in itself, as long as it is fully manual. Manually boxing set a natural limit to how many one person can control. The problem is the semi and fully automated software that takes it out of proportion.

You should not underestimate some players skills (as the saying goes “there is always a Korean guy better than you”), but I have a hard time imagining someone manually controlling a party in WoW (because of the pace).
In Everquest the limit is around 3 boxes for a good player (Everquest combat is considerably more advanced than WoW but also much slower paced). If you see someone in Everquest boxing more than 3, 99% of them will be using cheat software.

ISBoxer is a grey area, as it can be used in a non cheating way; you can discuss whether sending 1to1 keystrokes to another box without tabbing is a cheat or not, but sequencing/multiplexing commands and mouse moves certainly crosses the line.


Took them long enough to finally treat multiboxing seriously. I get that multiboxing is a niche thing, and folks put a good sum of money into it, but it does actively dampen things for others and it does teeter towards borderline botting.


If anyone thinks multiboxing is borderline botting they have never actually tried it before. The amount of work it takes to create custom keymaps to deal with various mechanics is intense. The joy of defeating a boss for the first time yourself after hundreds of wipes is pretty fun.. People will always be jealous of what other people do in a video game. Every kid cries foul at the players who are better than them, either with one character or many.

If anyone thinks this is a solution, it’s not. You are allowed to own up to 8 accounts per Blizzard policy. I’ve hardware multiboxed before and I’ve used ISboxer. I was the first Multiboxer is DAOC (hardware) and I remember they Day they banned multiboxing in that game. I also remember them lifting the ban. It’s a playstyle. no different than using 2 keyboards and 2 computers, I can split a mechanical keyboard to send the same single to multiple computers etc.. AM I A BOT? Nope


Somewhat agreed. As long as it is manual boxing.
But as soon as you cross the line to sequencing/multiplexing and automating commands and mouse moves, I call it cheating.
I have boxed in Everquest since 2000, but NEVER using cheat programs.. not from any special morale standpoint, but as you mentioned it is mostly for the challenge, and if I should cheat then I am effectively ruining the reason why I play.
HOWEVER, it DOES matter that everyone is playing by the same rules .. and people saying “why should it matter to you that someone is cheating, just play your own game?” don’t understand what a mmo is about, community and why you play online and not single player.
And you are right, there is so much jealousy from players who think it is impossible to play several characters, while the truth is I probably play all my characters better than they play even one … because you have to be good, no other player to correct your mistakes.


Yeah, I had a buddy that ran a group of hunters in WoW. He had a pricey setup but it was his hobby. There must be some serious game breaking going on for Blizz to make this change…they want subs. Anyways, sorry…it’s lame for the gamer hobbyists for sure.

Vanquesse V

I’m sorry, but building a bot from scratch is probably also very difficult, that doesn’t make it any less wrong. Boxing, when done right, creates an unfair advantage and that’s all that matters. EverQuest 1 is a perfect example of what happens if you don’t take this seriously.
It’s a cool hobby, and it’s a shame that people don’t have that outlet any more, but this shit ruins games.

Jo Watt

Multiboxing atm doesn’t ruin anything in WoW though… maybe if they actually revamped their crafting and gathering system that has been absolutely useless outside of cooking and alchemy for a very long time now I could sort of agree with you.


Crafting in shadowlands is going to be a thing, you can create legendries so maybe it’s why they’ve moved to stop multi boxing…


It ruins PvP specifically in my experience, Battlegrounds.

Brian Heuer

I’m someone that multiboxed and I do think it’s akin to botting. The biggest reason is the most important. Time to Reward.

As a boxer your time to reward is solely tied to how many accounts (money you want to spend) that you run at the same time. Someone only willing to spend the money on one account will take 1 hour to farm 100 of an item. But on my 8 accounts I can get 800 of the same item in the same amount of time. Therefore the item has less value to me and I can flood the market and sell at a lower price. Even if it sold for anything over 1/8th of the price other players needed to get to make the activity worth engaging in, because my time to reward would still be greater.

It’s the same as someone running a bot to mine all day vs someone that plays a couple hours and every activity they can do is worthless because you didn’t actively put in the work yourself. So again the time to reward is skewed. It single handily destroyed the economy many years ago. If you weren’t doing it then you couldn’t compete with people that were. Including myself.


This is flawed logic and the calculation is completely wrong.
You don’t get 8x efficiency with 8 accounts, because the majority of the time is not spent on killing but on everything else; with WoW where everything dies in a few shots anyways. You might get 2x or 3x efficiency at most.
The only way you can get 8x efficiency is if you bot.
Then, providing you are not farming for rmt, and actually care about progressing your characters, you can multiply that effort by some amount, and add in your higher failure rate of boxing harder content.

The other thing is … WoW … this game is so easy, you don’t need “Time to reward” as you call it. And without automated software you are limited to some 8 mage (or similar) setup anyways, which takes you out of end game content that requires a balanced group to beat. I would hardly define playing 8 mages as actually playing the game in the first place, I would call it a farming setup (cough rmt, why else? really)