World of Warcraft makes good on its new multiboxing policy, confirms delay of endgame grinds until post-launch


Earlier in the month, we reported on a shift in World of Warcraft’s multiboxing policy that was going to leverage action against those who use input broadcasting software to mirror keystrokes to multiple game clients. Just in case anyone reading that assumed it was just a vapid threat, consider this Reddit post a warning.

Redditor LetMeSpoilThisForU shared the image of an account page with eight different clients showing their status as “Banned.” According to a reply by the OP in the thread, the picture was shared in an EU Discord of a reportedly “well known 20+ char multiboxer,” and while the image only shows eight banned accounts, the player reportedly says that all 20 accounts have been hit.

“If you also got people like this on your server, keep reporting,” writes the Redditor. “Blizzard is actually doing something against them now.”

In other WoW news, game director Ion Hazzikostas has confirmed on Twitter that Mythic dungeons, Torghast, and the first weekly Renown quest to gather 1000 Anima will be made available with the first reset shortly after launch. So for those who are looking to charge pell-mell to the endgame of Shadowlands, you’re basically being forced to take your time. At least for a few days, anyway.

sources: Reddit and Twitter via Wowhead (1, 2)
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