Soul’s Remnant is a 2-D platforming MMORPG ‘passion project’ that has entered a limited-time open alpha


For those who are fans of more colorful and visually flat (as in two-dimensional) MMORPGs, then you might be interested in a little something called Soul’s Remnant. This charming-looking title is the “passion project” of solo developer Chaomoon, who has been working on the title since April of 2016, with 99% of the dev work done by them (with a little help from friends here and there).

Soul’s Remnant bills itself as a “social and player-driven” platforming MMORPG, with features such as an ever changing and moving world, a classless system with the ability to unlock and train any skill, and in the game’s most recent build, new skills, a new dungeon, a new world that has been custom-built instead of randomly generated, and the addition of a housing system among other things.

Speaking of the current build, Soul’s Remnant is currently running an open alpha test between now and Saturday, December 5th. Players simply are asked to download the game from Google Drive and likely register to the game. If you’re curious to see more, there’s a trailer below showcasing some of what’s available at the moment.

sources: YouTube, official site (1, 2), and Twitter via Reddit

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Never got the appeal of 2D games in the modern age. Feels outdated and clunky.