RuneScape talks up a new boss fight, the Advent Calendar’s return, and wide-reaching patch updates


The current week in RuneScape is pretty busy judging from the game’s regular missive, with an event, a boss, and a patch that by its own admission is “all over the place.”

On the game news side, there’s the start of this year’s Advent Calendar, granting players free goodies every day up until Christmas. Those who open a calendar door on the same day as the written number will also receive a free Treasure Hunter key and progress towards a Sir Coalington Embers plushie.

For those who prefer playable content, Monday, December 7th, will introduce a new solo and duo boss fight in the form of Raksha the Shadow Colossus of Orthen, a beastie that’s said to “[fit] squarely between Araxxor and Telos in terms of difficulty.” Those who are looking for more details are encouraged to tune in to a RuneScape-themed D&D session this Wednesday for some potential nuggets of information.

And as for the weekly patch notes, they are indeed all over the map in a rather literal sense in terms of locations where adjustments are made, along with fixes for Double XP and some improvements to the mobile version.


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