Mankind Reborn offers updates on territory control, Cliea 5A48, and several system overhauls


It’s been rather quiet on the news front for Mankind Reborn, the spiritual successor for the sunsetted sandbox MMO Face of Mankind; the last update we got was in May. However, the devs at Far Frontier Studios have resurfaced once again with new updates as well as an explanation for the radio silence.

In short, the devs have been working busily on refactoring code as well as working on territory control, which then ballooned into work on a wide variety of other gameplay features. Additionally, the team recognizes that their new channels outside of Discord have been neglected and will put more effort into updating the game’s development roadmap and share more news postings.

On the subject of territory control, all the hard work is paying off, as factions will now get to control specific areas of each world, collecting income from services and taxes gathered from other factions. The post further outlines how areas are brought to heel and how other factions can fight for control.

Cliea 5A48 has received a massive overhaul, with a processing facility, mining facility, and a social outpost with multiple housing units scattered around that players will be able to own. The planet is also the first to feature a full day/night cycle that syncs with in-game time.

A number of gameplay systems have gotten an overhauls as well. A deployable overhaul has now added over 100 new deployables including tables, lights, chairs, and territory deployables; mining has been adjusted to include material scarcity as well as an improved UI; production has also had a refactoring of its UI; and the market now has better features like improved filtering and the ability to list items for sale from storage among other features.

The close of the update post mentioned a few other plans for Mankind Reborn, promising that future patches will add content periodically instead of in large updates and that the game’s alpha should start sometime in the middle to tail end of 2021, with beta planned for sometime in 2022 unless things change.

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