Trove, ArcheAge, Defiance, and RIFT start handing out digital advent calendars for the holidays

Good work, dingbat.

I’d never been really familiar with advent calendars until I met my husband, who is from Wales, and we bought ourselves an advent calendar for the holidays one year. I’ve never really understood why I’ve not seen them around me a lot, especially since they clearly come in some interesting varieties.

The point of all of this is that players of Gamigo’s suite of MMORPG and multiplayer games are going to get real familiar with the concept of advent calendars: Trove, Defiance, ArcheAge, and RIFT are all getting into the advent calendar giving spirit, with each one offering up some unique spins on the seasonal goodie.

  • Trove will be taking players on a puzzle-finding screenshot hunt, rewarding those who participate at least 20 days and for all 24 days of the event with bundles of free stuff.
  • RIFT’s advent calendar event is very similar, challenging players to follow clues and share screenshots for rewards like Leviathan Supply Crates and a 30-day Patron Pass.
  • Defiance and Defiance 2050 will have an advent calendar full of daily challenges and prizes to scavenge, along with an advent calendar pass that players can purchase for more rewards.
  • Finally, ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained will be offering a more traditional advent calendar, with free daily claimable gifts specific to each game from the Glyph Store as well as daily advent sales to check out if one is interested.
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