Would you watch a TV show based on The Elder Scrolls franchise?

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We already knew that the Fallout franchise was supposedly getting a full show treatment, but wholly unsubstantiated rumors this week suggest that Netflix might be developing a show based on The Elder Scrolls franchise. The franchise, of course, is best known to MMO players via The Elder Scrolls Online or the endless torrent of Skyrim memes that have so far not abated after nine years and we should probably just accept aren’t going anywhere at this point. Whether or not they’re played out.

As the series is merely rumored on entertainment sites and has yet to be formally announced, of course, there’s no word on how such a hypothetical series would interact with the series chronology or what the focus would be, whether it’s contemporaneous with ESO or the upcoming sixth installment of the franchise or even Elder Scrolls Blades. It also doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for Bethesda (and by extension, Microsoft) to run Fallout on Amazon and Elder Scrolls on Netflix. But if it is indeed in the works, we can only hope that the game mirrors its source material by offering an extensive main questline you can break by killing a demon lord well before you’re supposed to know he exists, followed by a corpse clipping through the world and falling on your head.

In the meantime, it’s just a wild rumor. But if it becomes more than that, would you watch it?

Source: We Got This Covered, IMDB, Reddit, Patreon; thanks to Schlag for the tip!
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