Mysterious letters and coins tease the Elder Scrolls Online’s Oblivion chapter

This morning, mysterious parcels began to show up within The Elder Scrolls Online community hinting at details of the next major chapter release, which we know will anchor a year themed around Oblivion throwbacks. The package sent to me as MassivelyOP’s ESO columnist contains a coin and a letter authored by a dremora named Lyranth, whom players may remember from the base game. The text of the letter reads:

Little Mortal, The coin included with this letter is one of three such disks that hold some significance to the Order of the Waking Flame. The cultist I acquired it from has no further need of it and it may assist us in the near future. Study the coin, for I believe there may be a clue to the cult’s activities hidden in its etched surface. In due time, I will summon you. Things are about to occur and I will require a mortal’s touch. Be ready. – Lyranth

Considering that the chapter involves Oblivion, it makes sense that the hints would be delivered by a dremora, though I’m not sure exactly what kind of “mortal’s touch” she’s looking for. Kind of creepy!

Much as it did with the Skyrim maps last year, the folks at ZeniMax seem to be leaving it to the community to decipher the mystery of the Oblivion chapter prior to the official announcement, which is scheduled for January 21st.

Fans are already on the case translating the coins!

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