MassivelyOP’s Weirdest MMO Stories of 2020: Citizen socks


Today we’re continuing our countdown of Massively OP’s weirdest MMORPG stories of 2020!

Coming in at #4 on our list is…

Star Citizen SOCS socks promise to revolutionize foot warming

And you thought Star Citizen was only into pixelships! This past year, CIG actually attempted to sell real-world socks embroidered with the actual code for the SOCS optimization tech that launched in update 3.8. We will say that these might just be the cheapest things the company has ever sold; they ran just $20.

Stay tuned for another weird story tomorrow, and don’t forget to check out our annual MMORPG awards and our Golden Yachties!


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I bought the entire game for 12 dollar. But wait there’s more! It came with squadron 42 or whatever its called.

Bryan Correll

I was hoping Citizen Socks was a cat who had somehow earned the right to vote in Nevada.


I didn’t know this was actually available for sale. They missed on opportunity to create a true “programming socks”, though, by making them slightly longer and in different color ;-)

Loyal Patron

I think you’re supposed to wear them over your eyes.