Neverwinter gives you a taste of its reimagined Sharandar


Hope you’re ready for a heavy dose of the fantastical and mythological, because Neverwinter’s about to crack open a portal to a strange realm in just a couple of weeks. But before players step into Sharandar, Cryptic wants to lay the groundwork for the story to come.

In a new dev blog, the studio explains why players are going into this fey place and what evil has surfaced there. In short, witches be squatting: “Three wretched hags drawn to Sharandar have quietly snuck into separate neighborhoods and claimed each as their own. These neighborhoods will visually change with each episode in step with the evolution of the story as new gameplay activities become available.”

Hungry for more information about the Sharandar module? We recently interviewed Cryptic about this forthcoming expansion and what projects the dev team has lined up for after its release. Check it out!

Source: Neverwinter

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