Torchlight III promises arrival to Game Pass on PC soon, teases an upcoming ‘classy’ update


Torchlight III has a few things to crow about in its latest developer update. For one thing, the game is talking up its recent arrival to the Xbox Game Pass for console and Android cloud gaming, and for another, it’s pleased with player reaction to the Snow and Steam update. That said, it doesn’t mean there aren’t things to look forward to.[AL:TL3]

For those who are annoyed at some bugs that arrived with the Snow and Steam update, the post notes that the devs at Echtra Games are “working through the reported issues as quickly as possible” and hope to have the more prominent and obvious bugs squashed in future hotfixes on Steam. Once those matters have been resolved, then console versions will get fixes in one combined update.

If anyone was annoyed that Torchlight III’s debut to Game Pass excluded PC, worry not: “You can expect to see Torchlight III become available for Gamepass Windows PC in the nearish future,” confirms the post.

Finally, the next developer update post will offer news of the ARPG’s next update, which is teased to be “pretty classy.” New class? More class adjustments? Let the speculation (or apathy towards the game) begin!

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