Star Trek Online previews its Legendary Anniversary Pack’s first ship, a Legendary Bird of Prey

Wait for it.

The 10th anniversary pack forĀ Star Trek Online gave players access to some legendary ships with new and improved visuals, and the same style of pack is back for the 11th anniversary in the near future. The full pack will contain four legendary ships (two Klingon ships, two Federation ships) along with a variety of other goodies, including a free cross-faction ship unlock. But what matters most are those new ships, and that means revealing the first of the batch as the B’Rel Bird of Prey class.

This updated Bird of Prey comes along with the new legendary skin for the Vo’n’talk class, giving your ship the look of the Klingon ship from Star Trek: Enterprise. It also features pilot maneuvering options and a variety of universal stations for every possible configurations. Check out the stats on the upcoming Bird of Prey as well as the silhouettes of the as-yet unrevealed ships to speculate about what else is being added to the pack ahead of its release.

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