New test strings hint that The Burning Crusade Classic may be arriving as soon as May 18

We should really have prepared.

The machinery behind the scenes at Blizzard is moving fast on the classic version of the first World of Warcraft expansion, The Burning Crusade, and there’s reason to start speculating about how soon players will be able to jump in. Among a number of other new strings discovered by Wowhead while mining out the new test server information was the rather innocuous sounding BURNING_CRUSADE_TRANSITION_DEFAULT_CLONE_DATE string, which listed a default date for cloning your character as May 18th, 2021.

The string seems to be setting the default date for the earliest point you could possibly clone a character, which would imply that either the WoW Classic version of the expansion or the pre-patch will be landing on May 18th. That’s pretty darn soon, considering that beta testing has not yet started. Obviously, this is far from a certainty, but considering that speculation and rumors suggest that beta may start as early as next week, there’s some reason to be hopeful that the next iteration of WoW Classic will be out in just a couple months.

Source: Wowhead

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Sarah Cushaway

Still not going back to WoW, sorry Blizzard.

Matthew Yetter

While it does seem kind of fast, it’s also made more likely by the fact that unlike with Azeroth, they don’t need actually rebuild Outland. That expansion was designed for flying and never got touched by the Cataclysm. Most, if not all of the quests haven’t even been touched in all of this time So the majority of what needs to be done is simply rolling skills and talents back — which in this case is going to be building on the framework that is already provided by Classic.

In short, it should be much simpler to roll out BC than it was for vanilla.

James Balmer

I don’t think they reverted the Cataclysm changes back for Classic, they just used an earlier build of the game, the Classic build, like the Private Servers were doing.

Aaron Weddle

Yeah they worked with a popular private server that was running a 1.12.1 Classic server folded them into blizzard and used their work to create classic 1.13.1. so this is basically moving classic to TBC classic no need to revert retail Azeroth back to TBC