Skyforge celebrates green week with costumes and emotes

Red! No, wait.

Green costumes! Emotes that feature the color green! Mounts that are also probably green! Envy! Money! Yes, it’s Green Week in Skyforge, and that means a whole lot of green across the game, with players finding green dancers throughout the game that they are best served by helping out. They’re a bit mysterious and they might be tricksters, but what are you going to do, not help the special event people? Of course you’ll help them. That’s what we thought.

Players will also find that plant-based sources of Rare Crystallite have turned into Magic Clovers, producing Ether Clovers and occasionally Amulets of Luck. The amulets produce random positive effects for players the benefit from, while the Ether Clovers serve as currency for the aforementioned costumes, emotes, and mounts. Check out the full preview for a little more detail on how you can celebrate the most verdant week in the game’s year.


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