Blade and Soul’s Slithering Shadows update is live


Yesterday was patch day for Blade and Soul, introducing the Slithering Shadows update to the game along with a set of patch notes to accompany the launch. As one might expect, the notes give some more details about the refreshed Soulstone Plains and the rewards awaiting within, the new raid weapon, and the new Twisted Serpent Stronghold that sits at the center of the update’s story.

This update has also added a variety of events like the Call to Arms event, the Raider’s Fortune event, a bonus event that yields 10 Fusion Stones when taking on the new Twisted Serpent Stronghold, and a login event. In addition, the patch notes outline new items like a new amulet, Splendor Stones, and new Psyches. Finally, the notes detail some adjustments to the game’s classes. Basically, there’s plenty to read up on if you haven’t already.

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