Rise Online is a two-faction MMORPG inspired by Knight Online currently in open alpha

Ah, boo.

If you were looking for a new MMORPG that’s similar to the 2004 title Knight Online but is designed by someone else (and you somehow missed out that game’s arrival to Steam in 2016), then Turkish developer Rokosoft would like to introduce you to Rise Online, a new game that’s like that old game but a little different. Maybe.

Rise Online promises “nonstop PvP” both in the open world and in instances as players join up with either the kingdoms of Protean and Luskanar, as well as PvE gameplay such as missions and boss fights. Each of the game’s classes has two separate “inter-classes” (read: specs) to let players change up their playstyle. Other common genre features are in the game such as pets, mounts, and costumes.

Rise Online is currently in a new open alpha test, though the link to the post that announces as much is kind of broken, so we’re unable to confirm just when this round of testing will end. As for the game’s future, there will be closed and open beta tests, and then a full launch. The game has kicked out a large number of videos, a couple of which we’ve embedded below.

source: official site (1, 2) via Reddit
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