Final Fantasy XIV takes a look at character concept artist Hiroyuki Nagamine’s work

Keeping your garden.

What do the Four Lords, the Koropokkur, and the Fat Cat minion in Final Fantasy XIV all have in common? Well, all of them were designed in part by character concept artist Hiroyuki Nagamine, whose work is on display in the latest development blog from the game looking at the people behind the scenes of the game’s development. If you’ve ever wondered how the Koropokkur’s design came to be, now you can know!

The answer, incidentally, is that Nagamine was asked to design a moss ball with arms and legs. It was a difficult task.

Aside from just a recap of the designs, Nagamine explains how the concept artists are usually not involved directly in the 3D modeling of the designs, but sometimes get involve for some difficult designs like those of Omega-M and Omega-F. He also talks about the challenges involved in both more elaborate and more simple designs, like that of the Namazu. Check out the full interview for a peek behind the scenes.


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Goodness, it must be fun designing stuff for this game. o.O