Free access codes to Crowfall’s closed beta begin popping up across the internet


Looking to try out the beta version of Crowfall but don’t want to pay for guaranteed access? Then you might be interested in knowing that an access code is floating around out there, offering players the chance to play the beta build of the game for free.

The code in question has popped up in several places on Reddit as well as YouTube, each with the same simple instructions: create a game account, go to the code redemption page, and enter the code CROWFALLBETAHERO to jump in until launch. As for where this code came from, it doesn’t seem to be an affiliate code since everyone appears to be using it and it doesn’t have any embedded tracking, though there are affiliate links out there if fans want to support their favorite streamer.

As for when launch will be, this code’s appearance and the showcase that is the Eternal Champions Series esports event would seem to suggest that announcement is nigh — very possibly to be announced during said esports event. Until then, it looks like the beta gates are opening.

sources: Reddit (1, 2, 3), YouTube
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