City of Heroes Homecoming is finally allowing videos and streaming again


In March of 2020, City of Heroes rogue server Homecoming, the largest of the server groups, put a moratorium on videos and streams created on its servers “whilst [the group was] still working on legitimizing the server.” The rule applied to both players and journalists, though the group would not comment on the penalty for violation; at the time, we were left to assume the rule was handed down from NCsoft itself, as this is the server group still negotiating with NCsoft for some sort of license to operate the game. Either way, it sucked, since even we had run streams for the game.

But now that moratorium is over, as the Homecoming folks have updated the code of conduct once again. Players will indeed be allowed to stream the game, but there are strict rules in place to bar pay-to-watch content and content that infringes third-party copyrights. In other words, don’t run off and stream yourself on your new character, Spidermann.

Worth special attention is that last line, as this is the most recent fully public admission that the group is still negotiating with NCsoft “to secure official use of the City of Heroes IP.”

HC reps did clarify on Discord that they’re “capable of making [judgment] based on intent” and aren’t “witch-hunters,” so if Wolverino goes running by you on your stream or you bump into Frodo Laggins in an AE mission in your video, you’re not going to run afoul of the rules.

We reached out to a representative of Team Homecoming last night, only to be told the team was unable to comment beyond what’s already been posted. This is unfortunately pretty typical for Homecoming, so we don’t advise reading much into it. But you probably will, since it’s a really good sign if NCsoft is giving everyone the go-ahead now.

Homecoming most recently posted its i27p2 update with new explorer tip missions and a sweeping revamp of travel powers, which we’ll probably be streaming in the near future with the rule change. In the meantime, here are some of our past streams (recorded before the blackout).

Source: Homecoming forums. Thanks, Anon, Hikari, Vanquesse, and Marius!
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