Ashes of Creation provides a look at early siege area gameplay


Previously, Ashes of Creation had only provided a slice of siege area gameplay, specifically focusing on fighting world boss dragons. Now, the devs of the PvP MMORPG are providing a full look at siege gameplay in their latest video preview.

The footage in question is noted as being “very EARLY” (emphasis theirs), but it does impart a sense of where things are going with sieges. As for the mechanics of sieges, teams of players will want to kill world bosses — dragons in the case of this preview — for buffs that will help with incoming attacking forces. The footage had creative director Steven Sharif and his forces attempt to take on an ice dragon, then mount a defense against the opposing group of players. All told, it’s a bit chaotic as well as full of message spam, though that latter point is a bug that will be fixed.

According to Sharif’s note in the video’s comments, sieges will run during the month-long Alpha One test four times a day in order to collect metrics and performance data for the mode. The goal is ultimately to support sieges that can carry as many as 500 players. The footage below doesn’t have quite that number, but there are certainly plenty of things happening.

source: YouTube

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Bruno Brito

Looks cool. For some reason i’m getting ESO vibes, but better.

Ray O'Brien

Man for an Alpha looking damn good! Have to say this one is the next big one I am pinning my hopes on! Would love one of the many Super Hero projects to pan out as well!

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Paragon Lost

Damn, gonna have to agree with others that that didn’t look bad. Still don’t care for the developer, but I’ll agree that I am surprisingly impressed.


Okay, that was a good looking 50 vs 50 siege battle.


That didn’t look half bad. I really like the vibe, the effects and the overall design of the game. This video convinced me that this game is not a scam and worth watching.


Looks good for an alpha game. Much better than some other games look while being in beta.


Hi Chris! Thanks for the article. Just a note on 2 fronts. Big takeaway from this footage would be the good performance of our networking with over 130 players in close proximity of each other, and also I’d refer to Ashes as a PVX mmorpg, in addition to our many opt-in pvp systems we are also very much a PvE mmorpg with a large emphasis on raiding, questing, dungeons, crafting and housing systems, and world building systems. ❤️


Jon Yon

Great to hear! Prior Lineage 2 player here who fell in love with the game more for the raiding/guild aspect!


Speaking of performance, hopefully you will be able to answer this question. I remember reading some post in official Discord that someone found a reference to SpatialOS in the game folder of alpha Ashes of Creation. Are you using SpatialOS for server side of Ashes of Creation or you’re using your own code for server side?

Sarah Cushaway

You mean “PVP” game, as players are going to be forced into PVP situations to progress, right?

Hard pass :D

Matthew Yetter

He did specifically say that the “many PvP systems” were opt-in. So it doesn’t sound like anyone will be forced into them.


That dragon battle is pretty sweet.