WoW Classic Burning Crusade’s launch successfully navigated queues and DDOS attacks


Were you prepared? Can we stop making are-you-prepared jokes now? I sure hope so since Blizzard pushed Burning Crusade live for WoW Classic fans yesterday afternoon as promised. And someone was apparently really mad about it since the service was almost immediately slammed with a DDOS attack. Just for old times’ sake, I suppose.

Likely because the prepatch had smoothed out some of the issues and server clogs, we didn’t see reports of dramatic widespread queues and outages last night, but Blizzard did begin opening free character transfers from some of the most populated servers, in particular Mankrik, Faerlina, and Whitemane, so it clearly wasn’t entirely without issue.

For anyone who missed it, Thrallmar 3:01pm from classicwow

Gryphon clustercluck from classicwow

Blizzard has noted that the pre-patch world bosses are now up; the Darkmoon Faire returns to its regular schedule next week, followed by the opening of ranked arena play on June 14th.

Incidentally, someone’s already beaten you to level 70. Several someones.

Finally, here’s a fun peek at the nifty WoW mural being erected in Australia.

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