Hood: Outlaws and Legends outlines update 1.4 adjustments, a PvE mode, and balance changes in recent video


Remember Hood: Outlaws & Legends? It’s a medieval-themed team-based PvPvE game where two teams of players fight against AI guards and one another to sneak into various locations, grab some loot, and skulk away — we first talked about it in August 2020. The game has since been released as of this past May and currently sits on a “Mixed” Steam user review score, with many stating the game’s combat system is easily exploitable, classes are unbalanced, and there’s not enough new content.

It’s those matters that were addressed in a dev vlog last week that talked up the features of update 1.4, including the removal of a visible player rank from the lobby (as it was giving an incorrect sense of facing tougher opponents according to the vlog), the ability for assassinations to be interrupted, the ability to exit stagger and stun by dodging or blocking in order to prevent stunlock, and players moving to the hideout in-between matches so they can swap cosmetics and gear without having to leave and re-enter the matchmaking queue. The patch has since gone live; patch notes can be found here.

The vlog then moves on to discuss further updates that are planned for the game like the addition of the new Mountain map sometime in mid-June; the addition of a PvE mode, which will feature deadlier guards that can one-shot discovered players and new respawn mechanics that require teammates to bring a dropped talisman from a fallen friend to a certain point to respawn — both of which could make it to the PvP mode if they’re received well; and promise of “significant” balance changes to address targeting, hit registration, and abilities and perks. In the months to come, players can also look forward to a new character later down the pike and battle pass content for sometime in August or September.

sources: YouTube, Steam (1, 2), thanks to Mikey for the tip!
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