Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is officially live today


The fabled day has arrived: Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis launches globally today everywhere as planned. Last year brought the western launch of the base game after almost a decade of longing, but from here on out, the game will march on with global parity, and we’re here for it.

MOP’s own Chris Neal dived headlong into the beta and absolutely loved it, finding the combat much improved and the open world a welcome addition. “For the most part, New Genesis feels like the evolution this series absolutely needed,” he opined. “Frankly, I’m immediately hooked and am even willing to put up with the Windows Store’s nonsense to play this game, which is already a bigger bit of praise than I can heap on the original.”

SEGA is pushing an absolute avalanche of promos right now, including first-time login incentives and Windows 10- and Xbox One-specific login campaigns, so it’s probably worth jumping through a few hoops for free stuff. Worth noting too is that the maintenance was extended extra this morning, but since you already preloaded and played with the character creator, you’re all set to go anyway, right? Well, maybe one more thing: Check out the patch notes!

Aaaand it’s finally up!

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