Lost Ark sets the scene of the game’s world with its lore-filled landing page


Nine times out of 10, the only motivation one needs to play a multiplayer ARPG is “bad enemies explode good and give shiny,” and that’s totally fine, but Amazon Games would like to direct your attention to the story section of the official Lost Ark website.

In synopsis, the game’s universe consists of two worlds — Arkesia and Petrania — that are connected by a galactic rift. The world of Petrania is ruled by Lord Kazeros and his demon legions, while the world of Arkesia embraces light and order powered by the Ark, which is split into seven different pieces for seven gods and spread about the globe. Arkesia is protected by Guardians who originally kept the peace by defending against whatever would try to come through the rift between worlds.

The pieces of the Ark were sought by a villainous Sacrian Order, sparking a war that awakened the Guardians. Just as the Order was defeated, however, Kazeros invaded Arkesia, forcing the Ark’s pieces to be pulled together in order to entrap Kazeros in a volcano. After that, the Ark was split apart once again and a 500 year-long age of peace and exploration followed, fueled by the search for a mineral known as Arkesium. That peace is now in danger as the volcano used to imprison Kazeros is threatening to erupt and bring chaos to the world once again.

Thus, the story of your hero character begins. Unless, of course, all your hero cares about is “bad enemies explode good and give shiny.”


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