World of Tanks adjusts HE shells and SPG mechanics, War Thunder adds new vehicles and better nuclear blasts


We’ve got another round of updates for the various multiplayer military vehicle battle games in our genre’s sphere to report on. Specifically, World of Tanks and War Thunder are getting some adjustments, updates, or new content to make firing heavy ordinance at one another that much better.

In World of Tanks, update 1.13 focuses on changing several core game mechanics. Players now have three self-propelled gun (SPG) countermeasures in the form of a Sound Detection Commander perk that warns those in the danger zone that an artillery shell is incoming through a special indicator, brighter shell traces to track where SPG fire came from, and field of fire minimap markers that are visible for 10 seconds in order to let tankers know where an SPG recently fired. For those who use SPGs, there are updates in the form of three new shell types, an updated ammo UI, and a change to the Intuition perk that allows for quicker changes of shells for all vehicle types.

The update has also adjusted how high explosive (HE) shells work, which sees them deal damage at the point of impact instead of a shell-burst sphere. HE shells will also now be able to penetrate screens, tracks, and the wheels of wheeled vehicles, and can destroy objects like fences. Finally, there’s a new Battle Pass and a new Recon Mission game mode that lets players test maps that are in the later stages of development.

As for War Thunder, the Red Skies update has added Rank VII aviation to the game, as well as new hardware in the form of the Soviet MiG-23M, the Chinese J-7E fighter jet, the Soviet Yak-28B tactical bomber, the Russian T-80BVM tank, the German Marder A1 APC, the Franko-Finnish ITO 90M SAM, and Italy’s Dante Alighieri battleship. In addition to the new toys, the update has also improved the visual effects of nuclear blasts that were made available in the New Power update. After all, if you’re managing to rack up the points needed to launch a nuke, that explosion should look alarmingly catastrophic.

sources: press releases
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