A new ‘Treasure Bugan’ event spices up LOTRO’s dungeon runs


Lord of the Rings Online is filled to the brim with instances, but weirdly enough, not as many players use the instance finder as might be the case in other MMOs. SSG is hoping to incentivize dungeon running with a brand-new event that stars a mischievous goblin that’s running around with a sack of treasure.

Wait, that’s Diablo III. In LOTRO, it’s the “Treasure Bugan,” and he’s willing to part with some goods if you catch him. The Treasure Bugan event, which is running from now through July 26th, dumps extra cosmetics, virtue XP, and other rewards into the laps of players who queue up for certain instances and happen to find (and take down) the little rascal.

“To participate in the Treasure Bugan Event, seek out Theodore Gorse in any Scaling Instances set to your level,” SSG explained. “Theodore will offer you a selection of cosmetic rewards for your help! Make sure to look out for a sneaky Bugan trying to escape with stolen treasures. Help stop many sneaky Bugan to receive even more rewards!”

Good luck in running this event — and check out Laurel’s LOTRO Den for tips on it!

Source: LOTRO

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Ardra Diva

it’s true I only use the instances/skirmishes when told to do so by an Epic/Book quest. But there’s so bloody much to do, those skirmishes are just another mini-game so to speak and additional content. And some of them are pretty hectic and crazy.