Ship of Heroes previews the playable missions of its upcoming August beta event


As we reported earlier this month, Ship of Heroes is going to be entering a limited-time beta starting in August, which will include among other things some missions for players to take on. But what kind of missions are they? Well, curious superhero, the devs at Heroic Games have penned just the preview for you.

The missions that will be available during the beta test come in three flavors: a story arc mission, two challenge missions, and three holiday missions. Most of the post’s time is devoted to the story arc mission, which is said to be the bulk of the test’s content. In this story arc, players will be guided to Iris the Great, the archmage of the Mages’ Guild, and will be dealing with a sect of mages known as the Red Sigil, who oppose her leadership. According to the post, this mission has high replayability, with character choices leading to three different final missions in the arc and badges to earn for making certain choices. Or all the choices.

Beyond the Iris Arc, the two challenge missions will be primarily about combat and making sure players have a stern challenge (hence the mission type’s name, naturally), while the holiday missions can be found in the Snow Lair of the Beta Club location.

As a reminder, this beta test is set to run until Sunday, August 29th, with backers of the game getting early entry on Saturday, August 7th, while everyone else gets access on Saturday, August 14th. The beta will be available for download three days before access when keys are sent, but for now interested testers can sign up to be considered.

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