Ship of Heroes is hitting beta on August 7 – signups open July 31


If you’re still bummed about the fact that indie superhero MMORPG Ship of Heroes had to delay its launch from 2021 to 2022, take heart: You can jump into the beta sooner. Back in June, the studio had teased a summer beta event that would be free and open to all comers. That date has hardened up as August 7th, and you are the comers.

Ship of Heroes is having another Beta, starting August 7th,” today’s press release reads. “The signup for the event will begin on July 31st. This game is moving steadily toward launch. […] There are not a lot of new MMORPGs being launched – the entire genre is suppressed by the belief that big, ambitious MMOs are simply too expensive to create. Heroic Games is pushing back against that defeatist mindset.”

This leg of the beta is expected to run three weeks. The latest newsletter isn’t up yet as we type this, but we can apparently expect five archetypes in this test (not just four), 25 powersets, the Regroup and Assemble powers, and content in the 3-to-4-hour range.

The studio has previously promised the addition of traps, multiple respawn points in mission maps, quality-of-life tweaks, map and mission UI improvements, and eventually, a full mission arc, called Iris. Oh yeah, and it’s rebuilding its website and swapping from donations to formal preorders in the relatively near future.

“If you are a supporter of SoH and you would like to jump in early and help us with some team testing, please let us know using a contact form on our website. It’s ideal if you can bring a couple of friends along with you.”

Source: Press release
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