Ashes of Creation gives rapid-fire answers to dozens of community queries


There’s never enough time in any studio AMA or livestream Q&A to address all of the questions that players put out there. This is why Ashes of Creation followed up its recent stream with a forum post answering dozens of questions from fans that didn’t get covered.

The weird thing is, this forum post is just answers — no questions. You can sort of figure out the questions, but it seems an odd omission that Intrepid Studios would only give us one-half of a conversation. Maybe it’s being coy. Aww. At least there are scads of links to prior explanations of various systems and features, such as guild halls and the death penalty.

It does sound as though Intrepid’s been busy with the alpha: “During this most recent phase of Alpha One testing, our QA team estimates they’ve received approximately 10,000 bug reports so far [..] Right now our Alpha One testing is focused primarily on stability and core systems, rather than content testing.”


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The more I see, the less interested I become. Simply too high fantasy for me. Angel wings, demon wings, butterfly wings, skeletal mounts, orbs, auras, … And the combat I’ve seen looks very floaty. Oh well.