DC Universe Online’s next update arrives to PTS with a new social hub, endgame tweaks, and an allies system


Remember when DC Universe Online said that its August update was going to be “a significant departure” from its usual episode formats? If that piqued your interest (along with all of the episode’s planned features), then now is the time for players to hop into PTS and take a look at the upcoming House of Legends update.

As the episode’s name will likely clue you in, the primary feature will be the new House of Legends social hub that both heroic and villainous characters can access. The update is also adding some new things to the endgame, with six endgame tiers that have been reconfigured in the new-and-improved On-Duty menu and the first of three Save the Universe releases, which offers classic content that has been scaled up to endgame levels. On the subject of scaling, the new episode is doing a whole lot of fine-tuning to scaling for things like Skill Points, Artifacts, Augments, early endgame, and more.

Lastly, the update introduces an allies system that will let players recruit and summon DC luminaries such as the Flash, Professor Zoom, Oracle-Bot, and Calculator-Bot, all of whom can be further leveled up through the use of resources. As one would expect, these resources will be a bit more readily available in the PTS, and there are some specific instructions and additional update details that testers will want to read over.

source: official forums (1, 2)

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Vanquesse V

This sounds like exactly what the game needs. I bounced on the game a year or two ago because nobody was queuing for very early endgame instances.

DJ Meowth

A few months back I heard they were planning on making DLC free to all players, have they done that yet? Thinking of jumping in when they do.


Just read this in the July dev update post:
As you know, episodes will become free with the launch of Episode 41. We have already stopped selling them.
Coming with next episode then.


Thanks for the info Chris.
Will probably log again to test the allies system once it is live.