‘Non-traditional’ DC Universe Online episode coming next month


When DC Universe Online’s next patch arrives in August, don’t expect the same-old, same-old. Daybreak is going a bit of a different way with Episode 41: House of Legends, billing it as a “non-traditional” update.

“With this episode, we have taken a significant departure from the more traditional episode formats to focus on new features and game improvements,” the studio explained.

The cornerstone features of Episode 41 are a new shared hero and villain hub, a “quick play” feature on the On Duty menu, the removal of Combat Rating Relevancy, an Omnibus option to replay past content, a Save the Universe event, a revamped daily login rewards system, and the ability to recruit and summon allies from DC’s prostigious roster.

Daybreak also announced that it’s not going to be selling any more episodes, starting immediately. Subscription benefits are being increased to compensate for this change.

DC Universe Online is planning to launch on the PlayStation 5 in 2022.

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