Bless Unleashed PC says it’s cracking down on cheaters and RMT

We built a very good house or something.

Bless Unleashed’s PC updates just keep coming – both the content kind and the administrative kind.

First, Round8 has addressed the “large amount of reports related to illegal programs” being made by the community. “As a result, we have further strengthened our monitoring of the use of illegal programs,” the studio says. “The use of illegal programs ruins the fairness, and greatly damages the quality of the game. Therefore, as according to our terms of use and operation policy, accounts found to be using such programs are permanently banned.”┬áMoreover, Round8 offers a warning to players considering buying and selling currency for cash.

“Any or all attempts at RMT(real money trading) and or similar activity is a clear violation against our operations policy, and will be subjected to a 30-day account suspension. Any or all accounts associated with successful RMT transactions (including the Seller and Buyer), will have their accounts permanently banned from Bless Unleashed and its related services.”

The company is also dishing out yet another round of compensation for the extra maintenance today. (At this point, Bless Unleashed is 35% compensation rewards by weight.) Finally, yesterday’s patch improved stack counts and fixed a ton of bugs, including the resurrection currency issue.

Source: Steam
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