Jagex addresses Old School RuneScape’s Group Ironman mode development


Last week, Old School RuneScape unveiled plans to launch a group-based version of its Ironman mode, allowing small teams to come together to face its myriad challenges. Players have had some things to say about the reveal since then, prompting Jagex to update the announcement post with some responses to that feedback.

First off, the devs are hesitant to provide a release date for Group Ironman, noting that its creation is being done in tandem with the Engine team as some engine commands need to be made available before some work on the mode can be completed. Other responses confirm that all players in an Ironman group will not be able to share a player house, discuss how groups should come together for challenging PvE content, and talk about plans for future co-op content among other things. Those who are eager for this FAQ can read up on the OSRS website.


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Guess some work places are going to get a whole lot less productive!

Have to say it is good to see them still adding things to OSRS.