Aion celebrates its 12-year anniversary with a gift-giving event starting this week

Oh no, not again


Has it really been a year since Aion last celebrated its anniversary? Has it really been 12 years since the game came out on these shores? What even is time? Who lets it keep going like this? Why do we forever march forward into the current of oblivion, bearing our arms helplessly against a tide smashing us and reducing us to aged dust? Why must everything rot away and fail? The answers, in turn, are yes, yes, and stop asking philosophical questions when you could use experience extractors to get a present!

Players who want the first of a series of 12th anniversary presents will need to use at least 10 such extractors between now and September 14th, with the gift in question containing one of several desirable items for players to enjoy. Check out the full rundown on the official site, and keep your eyes peeled for further anniversary celebrations as the event moves onward. Remember, time is always against you.


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