Ultima Online has begun testing new dynamic events and prepping Halloween

All right. We have figured this out now.

OK folks, fall has one important rule, and that’s that Halloween begins on September 1st and ends the day before Thanksgiving. That’s 100% the law in real life, not just in video games, but we’re not remotely sad to see the Halloween festival season start cranking up in MMOs either. And it’s about to get started in the first and eldest of the MMORPGs, Ultima Online.

Publish 111 hit the test server earlier this week, and a quick dip into the forums gives us a look at what’s on the way, and that includes the Halloween event. Treasures of Halloween aka Treasures of Hythloth is a typical “Treasures of” event whereby killing mobs in a certain area will net a specific set of special artifact rewards; players say the rewards are currently mostly repeats from previous events, but these events are now under the new dynamic event banner, so we’ll be seeing more of them. This version of the patch also appears to include the promised new cu sidhe pet skins. We’re also expecting anniversary rewards, new cash-shop items, and Halloween deco. The trick-or-treat event itself won’t begin until October.

“The 2021 Treasures of Halloween event is available for preliminary testing on TC1. Please use the moongate at the Britain Commons to visit Dungeon Hythloth. Rewards are intended for final release and additional lore pages will be available when the event goes live in October 2021.”

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