New World dishes on its China-themed Ebonscale Reach endgame zone


Amazon has put out a new video on New World today, this one on the cultures and civilizations in the game. If you spied the version on Twitter, you might want to scoot over to the YouTube version, which is six times longer and does a better job delivering on the premise in the tweet itself!

The world of Aeternum is basically meant to be a mythical location from multiple cultures as multiple real-world cultures have landed there, which explains why you’re standing there in a tricorne hat and headed to what could easily be a fantasy version of China in the featured zone here, Ebonscale Reach. The Reach is basically an endgame zone, intended to be super challenging for elite-stage players as they take on the corrupted Empress at the end of the Dynasty Shipyard expedition, where her baddies are rebuilding her fleet.

“From the team’s perspective, when we are introducing new cultures, it’s so important to us to properly do it – we want to make sure that this comes across as a celebration of that culture,” Scot Lane says. The whole video is below.

Source: Twitter
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