Bless Unleashed answers a whole slew of player questions

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The most recent community livestream for Bless Unleashed answered a lot of player questions. No, really, a lot of player questions. You would be kind of blown away by the sheer number of questions answered. But you don’t have to take our word for it, nor do you have to wade through the entire video to catch all of those answers; you can catch up on the whole thing summarized on the game’s Steam page for everyone to enjoy!

Among many answers to questions, players have been told that skill presets are definitely being worked on for reveal as soon as the feature is ready, the team is looking into the process of using dyes on costumes, and a roadmap will be revealed at some point in September with hints of a new class. Level scaling for dungeons is being worked on, photo mode will get a zoom feature, and the team is figuring out if there’s a way to add an auto-run for controller users. Seriously, check out the full rundown of all the answers. There are a lot of them.

Source: Steam

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Honestly, it’s impressive how much they are listening, they clearly are determined to see this game through. The other side of it, is that from the outside looking in, we can see how well changing things off of feeedback from the community works out for an MMO. Most people want MMO devs to listen to the community and make the changes that are most trending, let’s see if this is exactly what a B tier MMO needs to be a big hit. Looking forward to the outcome and what year 2 brings for this game. Wish them the best of luck.