Path of Exile asks for community votes on what the game will sell you next


Market research is a tricky thing. It can be hard to figure out what exactly will get people to spend money on a product and what will convince people to drop money. Of course, you could always go with Path of Exile’s approach and just ask people what to sell them next and then make a new microtransaction to make money based on community votes. It worked before with a sharknado animation, here’s hoping that it works again. Tell them how to make you spend money.

Of course, right now the clear winner is wings, followed by shields and pets, but given that the poll is going to be open for a bit longer there’s still time for that to change substantially.

Yes, we’re aware, the game is free-to-play and microtransactions are literally how the developers make any money on the game, thereby ensuring that the game is still playable at all while keeping the development staff paid and consequently capable of affording things like housing and food. Economic realities are not lost upon us. It’s still not a great look for the game just the same.

PoE microtransaction poll snapshot

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