Fallout 76 has a couple more patches coming for 2021


The reception of Fallout Worlds in Fallout 76 has been a bit of a mixed bag this month, with some players loving the anything-goes experimental rulesets and others feeling like it was a total waste of resources (especially considering that the main servers still lack basic functions such as text chat and guilds).

No matter what C.A.M.P. you’re in on the subject, it’s not the end of this year’s content offerings. Bethesda said that it has at least two sizable patches coming for the rest of 2021: a mid-sized Halloween update and a big December content release.

“We’re currently aiming to release the first of those in October, and it will be focused on bringing some spooky Halloween fun to the game, as well as a new wave of bug fixes,” the developers said. “The second is our December Update, and alongside new game content, we’re also going to implement a variety of community-requested quality-of-life improvements.”

Source: Fallout 76

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“No matter what C.A.M.P. you’re in”

Good one.

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a variety of community-requested quality-of-life improvements

I want to be optimistic about this, but I’m waiting until we find out what these are, and what exactly is even coming in the next update. Really hoping that the “public challenge” they mention on the roadmap is more repeatable open world/adventure mode content. I can live without another story update (though it’s lame that those seem to come every 6-9 months so you completely lose track of where you left off by the time the next chapter rolls out), but the game really needs to shake up and add depth to Appalachia.

I’m increasingly running out of things to do though, an I’m not even level 200. Sure I can go clear out daily missions after doing my SCORE daily stuff, sure I can maybe go stockpile more crafting mats (hey, I actually need some acid right now!), but outside of that it’s…eh. Events don’t pop enough, too many events are either abandoned or never actually “start” because they require players to go trigger them, and there’s no real reason to return to a lot of discovered locations which is a shame. I even like that some of the dailies you get from allies send you all over because at least that’s a reason to return to a location to do a bit of exploring.

But hey, mole miners! Didn’t find any yesterday which was a bit of a surprise, but hopefully I’ll track down at least a handful over the weekend. I always feel a bit bad killing those guys, they don’t even really fight back! They’re just poor mutated miners that have gotten to the surface with their sick loot, and here we are gunning them down and taking their lunches : (

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Yeah, I always feel bad about the mole miners. We disturb their sleep and when they come out to see what’s up, we just start the slaughter. At least super mutants eat people and try to transform them into more super mutants. Mole miners started out as screwed mine workers and just went…downhill from there.