Ashes of Creation shows off new mounts, discusses node interactions, and previews new rendering tech


Intrepid Studios’ creative director Steven Sharif and community lead Margaret Krohn have once again come together for another Ashes of Creation development update livestream for the month of September, offering up another series of tidbits for the game’s development progress towards its next alpha test phase.

The stream kicked off with a quick video preview of two new mounts coming to the game in the form of a rideable floating rock monster and an undead horse (because what MMO is complete without one), and then moved on to talk about how the devs are working on the way nodes that are linked with one another behave, including how changes to nodes affect trade routes and what happens when a node falls. The stream offered a video preview of an in-house dev tool that is currently being used, which provides a visual representation of what node changes look like in the game’s world.

The stream also showed off some other updates including a look at player characters being killed or turned into a pile of ashes while also talking about respawn and revive mechanics, some new rendering tech that offers some major performance gains when there are 1,000 player characters on-screen, and several prop previews and looks at the game’s orc race. The full livestream is embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

source: Twitch
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