League of Legends’ animated series gets a November 6 release date on Netflix and a new trailer


At the beginning of May, League of Legends unveiled a teaser trailer for an animated series known as Arcane, which provided just a few bare details about its setting and a story about “two iconic League champions — and the power that will tear them apart.” Last week saw the premiere of a fresh new trailer as well as a release date for the series: Saturday, November 6th, on Netflix.

The release of the new trailer also comes with the opening of a website, though it provides little in the way of extra details beyond a countdown timer to the series’ premiere and artwork of the characters Vi and Jinx. Prior information noted that the series would take place in the city of Piltover and its suppressed undercity of Zaun. Honestly, the meat of what’s to come is in the trailer itself, which we’ve got embedded for you to check out after the cut.

source: Youtube
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I have no interest in League of Legends but I am fascinated by the lore.

mars omg

Looks amazing. I’m not a fan of Tencent, but it would seem they are no a fan of the CCP as the CCP is trying to regulate gaming inside the communist confines. I will be watching this on the Premiere Day !