SMITE brings Cliodnha Queen of the Banshees on October 19, dates digital Hi-Rez Showcase for January 6


What better way to celebrate the month of October than bringing a seasonally appropriate addition to the roster of SMITE? This coming Tuesday, October 19th, will see a new update that introduces Cliodnha, Queen of the Banshees to the roster, just in case anyone would like to play as a loud spookington for the season.

As one might expect, Cliodnha has plenty of ghostly skills that let her pass through walls or through enemies, distort enemies’ perception of her with an attack, or tear open a rift that has extra banshees spill out in a line before her. Also, she has a wail attack that can deafen and silence foes. Naturally. The October 19th patch will also introduce the return of The Reaping event, add new Odyssey: Perilous Seas skins, and introduce a Halloween chest, while bonus updates for patch 8.9 and 8.10 will arrive on October 5th and November 2nd respectively.

As for the far distant future of SMITE, that’s likely going to be part of the Hi-Rez Showcase 2022, which will be held online between January 6th and 9th, 2022. Fans can look forward to a keynote address, celebrations for the studio’s games, and the SMITE World Championship esports event.


source: press releases

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Bruno Brito

Her kit is absolutely busted and will be the same story as Morrigan/Persephone/Tiamat/Baba Yaga: She’ll probably be bugged to hell and back, and when she works, she’ll be the strongest god in the game. To be fair to Baba, she got to that point by buffs, but she was released only buggy, not busted.

I don’t know what the hell is with Hi-rez and releasing overbloat after overbloat. The simplest kit they got this year was Gilgamesh. Why reinvent the wheel all the time?


Looking at her artwork…Is she going to have a forced redemption story?

Bruno Brito

Probably not since Smite while it has a story, it’s not that deep. She’ll probably be the same as a convenience goddess working with the other gods just for herself.