The Daily Grind: If you could remove one World of Warcraft expansion, which one would it be?


It may seem like an odd memory at this point, but there was a time when the answer to “what’s the worst World of Warcraft expansion” was a simple nod to Cataclysm with no further explanation needed. Since then, of course, we’ve had Warlords of Draenor, Shadowlands, and Battle for Azeroth all come out (not in that order) and had various people point to them as the worst expansion the game has had. It’s increasingly getting to the point where the game’s track records with expansions is more like fifty-fifty…

But maybe you don’t want to remove one of the ones everyone agrees was terrible or at least kind of lackluster. Maybe you want to yoink Legion because you really hate the Broken Isles and Demon Hunters. Maybe you have a need for the world to never deal with Outland in The Burning Crusade. We’re not going to judge you (out loud). If you could remove one WoW expansion altogether, blotting it from history and wholly removing it from the game, which one would it be?

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Not much of a contest really.

As much as I loathed BfA Shadowlands has done more fundamental damage to the IP than any expansion before it.

Were Blizzard to show up tomorrow saying they were planning on fully retconning the entire expansion I’d be fully on board

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I came back to play with family. This whole system of acquiring ability upgrades through grinding content at max level is mind numbing and basically unfair. If one wants to hit level cap, run dungeons and raids without touching any other content… that should always be a choice.

You can not min/max current WoW without grinding weekly and daily content… to upgrade your abilities…

Seriously Blizzard? I have to go looking for spell upgrades on daily bosses?

Main story line. Covenant storyline. Torghast. Cant fly unless you grind, grind.

The flying thing is supposed to make us see the world first. Right?

Question. Why aren’t we forced to walk instead of ride until level cap, plus quest lines? It’s the same logic.

The abusive corporate culture is no surprise, in retrospect. Blizz has treated their WoW customers like addicts for 15 years. It’s a highly codependent relationship.

I’d kill Cataclysm and hope it would have steered the game into another direction.

Rob Hagaman

Cataclysm, because that’s where the long slide started.


WoD and Shadowlands, purely for narrative reasons. I really hate time travel/alternative dimension stuff.


Still Cata.

Danny Smith

Depends. On a fully conceptual route i would be much happier if warlords didn’t happen we went cata>mop>legion and then WoW ended there for a warcraft 4 or something. You get the world shakeup, the lack of resources leading to the expansion that lead to pandaria after the cataclysm revealed it which brings the faction conflict to a head AND conclusion and then when all seems solid and we get our “what is worth fighting for” ending wrathions warning of the legion comes to a head, we open with people like varian dying after the finale of seige being their big hurrah and it leads up to beating sargeras while the elves revisit their ancestral lands and tauren find out more survived the centaurs genocidal wars and so on. I would still wish we could fight sargeras but in general that would wrap things up nicely.

Outside of wish fulfillment its got to be Shadowlands. Take away the shitty mechanics, boring zones and elder scrolls off cuts music that chromie time will render easy to forget after the expansion ends the damage the writers have done is almost catastrophic.
They pulled back the curtain on death and besides it being outland 2.0 where a forman wants you to fight some bugs to get his tools back and other totally different to the worlds of the living quests its just made things worse not better with the reveals and even if the writing itself didn’t range from cringe to “steven we get you want to fuck sylvanas, just stop” In terms of world building, power creep right out of dragonball Z and just scale alone its ruined Warcraft. You can’t undo the damage its done without pulling a “we are still in BfA in Nzoth’s visions” shark jump moment.

No matter what happens now in terms of story Shadowlands has ruined Warcrafts senses of scale, threat and mystery and they can’t walk it back or undo this without retconning the entire expansions story.


-Ion, probably

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Jack Pipsam

Bye bye Warlords of Draenor 👋👋

IronSalamander8 .

This one is difficult for me, as while it’s tempting to just dial it back to Wrath and cut off everything after it, but goblins are from Cata, and I love them enough I got art of my warlock made, and I like demonology changes and Zandalari trolls as a player race added in BfA, and transmogs from, whenever they added them, as I can’t recall.

Basically, instead of cutting out one expansion, although if it had to be one, it would be BfA as that was the last one I played, and it was awful, I’d rather mix and match from favorite parts and excise the parts I don’t like; like say, those that were harassing their co-workers.


I would rather they made more use of the “legacy” content. and added some kind of housing system like Rift, EQ1 or even swtors.. hell even New worlds at this stage…


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