ARK Survival Evolved’s Fear Evolved triples harvesting, taming rates through November 9


ARK Survival Evolved may be in de facto maintenance mode thanks to developer Studio Wildcard’s efforts on a sequel, but that doesn’t mean it’s forgotten the spoopy season: The studio announced this morning that the Halloween event has once again arrived to the survival sandbox.

“The 5th annual Halloween event ‘Fear Evolved’ has crept into the ARK landscape with a ghoulish screech and its teeming with spook-tackular new chibis making their debut, along with cutting edge fashion and eerie event creatures all resplendent in moonlit pumpkin patches! From October 26th to November 9th, the community‚Äôs most requested event will be active for ARK Survivors on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Epic Games Store, Stadia and Steam. Cloak yourself in event-themed fashion and creepy shoulder companions to embark on a hunt for the elusive DodoRex and DodoWyvern. Go scouting for all the past Fear Evolved content while treating yourself to five new spooky themed chibis, two new full-body skins, and four new shirt prints to add to your growing collection!”

Even if you’re already over ghosts and skellies and witches, you might still want to pop in to the official servers, as Wildcard has bumped up harvesting, taming, and breeding rates.

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