Final Fantasy XIV clarifies new rules on boosting and conduct


If you were anxious about the latest guidelines Square-Enix put out regarding player behavior inĀ Final Fantasy XIV, you probably don’t need to be. Community producer Toshio Murouchi has penned a new letter to the community clarifying a couple of points in the guidelines that players were apprehensive about, and he notes that first and foremost the only real changes were to party finder guidance and the other rules were just additional clarification. If you’ve been playing without penalty up until this point, odds are good that you’re fine.

Murouchi goes on to make it clear that advertising sales of runs on the party finder is not allowed, but merely paying for runs through content is acceptable; players are free to advertise that they are buying runs if they desire. Moreover, players are encouraged to still communicate and offer advice in a respectful fashion, but the rules clarifications are intended to make it clear that arrogant or hurtful comments in the guise of advice are a reportable offense. It’s all quite cleanly laid out if you were previously unsure.

The lyrical tour through the game’s history continues as well, with the lyrics to the music fromĀ Stormblood being next on the recap.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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