Lineage 2M is launching on December 2 in North America and Europe


Those of you who were lamenting that there might be some small portion of your gaming day spent not playing some version of Lineage II will be happy to know that another variant is coming to mobile devices. No, not Lineage W; we’re talking about Lineage 2M, which is launching in North America and Europe on December 2nd on mobile devices as well as cross-platform via NCsoft’s PURPLE client on desktop machines. So you can play on your phone and at home on your PC! Won’t that be exciting?

It is hoped that you find these facts exciting. If not that, it is hoped that you find the prospect of more than 10,000 players fighting it out in a field to be exciting. (Presumably you’re fighting over something rather than just being asked if you want to start a fight). If neither of those things excites you, check out the character highlight trailer just below; maybe that’ll do it for you.

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