Dual Universe offers tips to aid with construct excavations needed for the Demeter update


Dual Universe has mentioned a couple of times before that the incoming Demeter update would be making changes to the game’s geometry, requiring players to do a bit of legwork just in case their structures get buried under the ground by the change. In preparation, Novaquark has put out yet another dev blog about the matter, explaining how player structures would need to be unearthed.

Bringing an already placed construct out of the ground requires the devs to use an excavation tool upon request, which digs out a cube around the construct, the dimensions of which are determined by the outermost voxel or element of a construct. As a result, players are being asked to ensure that their buildings don’t have any voxels outside any area that they request to have excavated. There’s still no launch date for Demeter as of yet, but builders in DU would do well to get their existing construct affairs in order for the digital landslide.


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