Old School RuneScape applies changes to duel arena to combat scammers in this week’s patch


Back in the middle of October, Old School RuneScape promised to replace the duel arena with something different in order to tamp down scamming that involved the content, but until then there would be temporary measures put into place. Those measures are going live with this week’s update.

These changes include a stake limit of 10 million GP per player per duel regardless of whether players are subscribed or not, and two new presets based on settings that players commonly use for “whip” and “boxing” duels. The “whip” preset applies not just to whip weapons but to all one-handed weapons; the idea with this change is to make scamming more difficult by making it easier for players to see what duel options they’re getting.

The rest of the update post outlines backend work for OSRS’ upcoming Android beta, some bug fixes, and some merch store news, but for the most part it’s all about stopping the duel arena from harming the game this week.

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