Conan Exiles’ December update will finally put a stop to rain inside houses


Funcom is “revving up the engines” of its next Conan Exiles update already, as the studio’s hoping to push out the patch before the new year.

“In 2.7 we’re adding a new Point of Interest protection system,” the studio explains. “This first iteration will prevent obelisks in the Exiled Lands from being blocked, and will destroy any interfering constructions until access is guaranteed. We’re also focusing on polishing the new Nemedian building pieces and cosmetic sets, with fixes to collision boxes and visual polish to minor issues with armors and placeables. Along with that comes the hinted at upgrade to the building pickup system, where any pieces that would’ve otherwise collapsed when picking one up will now be sent to the inventory!”

As a bonus, the team says it’s also putting an end to the sky raining in buildings, which seems like a weird bug to be fixing in a game that’s been out three years, but hey, a fix is a fix.

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